Tired of tracking mud in unwanted areas? Do your shoes become soaked getting from the car to the house? Is there a path in your lawn that is marked by constant use? Maybe it’s time to let Southern Bay Landscaping install walkways.

If you live in Lower Alabama, you know that rain is a daily occurrence. If you don’t have walkways through your property, you are stuck walking through wet grass or worse, mud.

Walkways also give your yard a clean, manicured look. Adding curves and lining your walkways with plants adds flow and beauty, but walkways provide many other benefits to a homeowner.

  • They keep feet clean which in turn keeps your home cleaner.
  • They add to the overall value of the home when selling.
  • They increase accessibility to yard areas such as sheds, gardens, and gathering spots.
  • They encourage people to walk in certain paths maintaining the health of your lawn and discouraging soil impaction.
  • They reduce the chances of falls.
  • They increase accessibility to your home for people with mobility challenges.

Southern Bay Landscaping can install your concrete, flagstone, paver, or gravel walkway for you, saving you from the digging and lifting involved in doing it yourself.

Walkway Ideas:

  • Create a cottage look with stepping stones surrounded by grass, moss, or pea gravel.
  • Pavers or brick can be placed in a number of patterns. Integrate different colored pavers for a unique design.
  • Pea gravel contained by bender board or bricks is an inexpensive way to create a path and keep weeds at bay, and it gives your walkways a natural look.
  • Concrete walkways provide an inexpensive clear path. In the past, concrete walkways have been flat gray hardscaping. This is no longer the case. Concrete can be colored and stamped to give a more natural and desirable stone look.

Before Walkway

Finished Walkway

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Why would you walk on the lawn or through puddles to get through your yard when you can have a walkway? If you live in the Spanish Fort, Daphne, Fairhope, or Point Clear area, contact Southern Bay Landscaping to have us install your walkways now.
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