In the past, lawn irrigation was a daily, time consuming task for homeowners. It involved dragging long, cumbersome hoses around the yard and timing each section that you watered. When forgotten, you wasted hundreds of gallons of water, flooded the yard, or damaged your lawn.

Southern Bay Landscaping knows, however, that this doesn’t have to be the case. Our professionals can measure your property and design a watering system that maximizes water usage and prevents lawn damage by avoiding watering overlap and setting correct watering times and durations. We will check your water pressure, dig the trenches, lay and connect the pipes and sprinkler heads, and connect and program your automatic sprinkler system. We do the job right, so you don’t have to face leaks down the road.

Speaking of leaks. Moist or wet areas in your lawn may mean you have a busted pipe in your irrigation system. Do you have an older irrigation system that is in need of repairing or replacing? Are your sprinkler heads damaged by your lawnmower or accidental trips? Call Southern Bay Landscaping, and we will take care of those leaks for you.

If you or a household member is your watering system, it’s time to think about upgrading.

A well designed irrigation system from Southern Bay Landscaping is carefully zoned to place sprinkler heads in optimal locations to reach every corner of your yard with minimal water overlap while taking care to avoid watering fences, rock gardens, and concrete structures. Every fitting, pipe, and sprinkler head is chosen with water pressure and reach in mind.

A professionally designed irrigation system will

  • Save you time: Automatic sprinkler systems can be programmed to water your yard every day, every other day, or on certain days and can be modified with the touch of a button avoiding the need to be home a designated length of time to water your lawn, so you can spend your time doing other tasks away from the home.
  • Improve lawn health: Too much water drowns and stresses roots, invites disease and insect problems, promotes shallow root growth, and encourages weeds, turning a beautiful lush lawn into a brown landscape filled with weeds and invasive pests. Too little water and you have dry brittle grass, brown dusty areas, and slow growth.
  • Conserve water: Watering systems conserve water by only providing the amount of water needed for your particular lawn, soil, and climate.
  • Save money: You won’t lose hundreds of gallons of water because you forgot to turn off the sprinkler. Some systems have the ability to detect moisture levels in the soil preventing the system from turning on and well pumps from engaging saving electricity and money.
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Whether you need a new irrigation system or to repair and upgrade your current system, Southern Bay Landscaping is the professionals to call. We service homes in Spanish Fort, Daphne, Fairhope, and Point Clear.
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