Liven Up Your Landscaping Without Burning a Hole through Your Wallet

If you are planning to pretty up your drab garden or just bring some life into a dry piece of land, you’ll need to spend a lot to make sure you get the best design. However, you can also save money by following some easy tips for your landscaping goals. Make a plan Before you [...]

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Your Landscaping Design Can Influence Your Home Security – Here’s How

“Home invasion” It’s a scary word. It doesn’t just result in the loss of property but it can also leave a harrowing memoryfor the homeowner. A home invasion can make them feel violated and scared. This is why most homeowners take all precautions to make sure that their areas are safe. How to make it [...]

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Recognizing Problems with Your Soil

If you live in Alabama and love gardening, you might have encountered a few problems every now and then. Let’s discuss some of the most common soil problems in Alabama and how to rectify them. Compaction Sandier soils create more problems with compaction. If you live in Tennessee Valley or in the Black Belt, the [...]

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Mowing Your Lawn Safely and Effectively

It's time to mow your lawn. It's easy enough, right? Well it can be, but not always. Every time you mow the grass, you are setting your lawn up for success or failure. A lot goes into getting the desired effect you have in mind for that for that luscious, leafy green lawn that everyone [...]

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Drainage Issues and Solutions

How to Recognize and Address Drainage Issues in Your Yard Lawns everywhere need at least a little bit of tender loving care. They require time and investment from home owners. Without it, they could be left to fall into a state of total ruined. When considering and implementing effective maintenance of the lawn, you’re keeping [...]

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5 Plants That Will Withstand Intense Southern Summers

Are you sick and tired of losing your plants and landscaping to tough weather conditions? If yes, then you have found the solution here. If you've done have done everything including fumigating your surroundings, constant wetting and fertilizing but your plants kept falling during southern summer, then you’ve got to change your plan. According to [...]

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Why Exterior Designers Are Important For Landscaping

Maintaining a home is a lifetime investment, and there is no place for anyone like home. Everyone finds comfort and peace in their home, no matter how much comfort is available somewhere else. Having a beautiful lawn outside the home is one of the greatest feelings. But a great amount of effort is usually put [...]

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The Importance of Lawns and Landscapes

Lawns and landscapes are one of the best and most soothing parts of our houses. Any person with some aesthetic sense could always maintain his lawn and care to keep it in the most creative and beautiful ways. However, there is a difference in maintaining your yard and your landscaping. Landscaping is the exterior designing [...]

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3 Reasons Why You Need To Hire a Landscaping Company

The presence of a well-kept yard around a house adds beauty to the home's surroundings. Everyone wants to keep a yard or lawn in or out of their homes. The thing which requires attention and time is that these lawns or yards should be maintained properly. And people need to understand that yard maintenance is [...]

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Yard Maintenance vs Landscaping – What is the Difference?

Yard maintenance vs landscaping -   When making your yard beautiful, you are going to come across two types of services, yard maintenance and landscaping, both with their own advantages. However, there is no one versus the other. You do not have to weigh which is best for you; you have to figure out which [...]

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