About Southern Bay Landscaping

Here at Southern Bay Landscaping, we offer quality work for any and all yard services. We pride ourselves on our remarkable skill set that stems from our valuable experience, and we make sure that all of our clients know how attentive and professional we are when it comes to providing lawn maintenance and landscaping. Southern Bay Landscaping has all of the capability of a big chain company with all of the charm of a local business. With our specialization in the design and subsequent installation of any landscaping needs, we are capable of offering the highest quality work at a price that appeals to everyone.

Since the summer of 2003, Southern Bay Landscaping has been servicing different areas in Alabama. Providing each region with basic and advanced lawn maintenance services has been our calling, and we have been working towards this goal for several years. Whether a client needs the simplest of clean-ups or a specific task completed, we have the talent, expertise, and experience to give the best solution. We can offer everything from outdoor fireplaces to new construction, with the ability to create new enhancements, renovate kitchens, and generate other such necessities. We offer a free quote with our inspection of the property.
Southern Bay Landscaping provides services to all of Baldwin County. Incredible cities like Spanish Fort, located outside of Mobile, Alabama, have the option of choosing us for their lawn-oriented needs. The city was historically a trading post established by the French living in Mobile during the 1700s, but it has since become a wonderful place full of rich historical sites as well as remarkable people. We are happy to serve this area and maintain the lovely region with steadfast landscaping work.

In addition to Spanish Fort, we also service the city of Daphne, which is the most heavily populated city in the county. The city has successfully managed to make history with its beautiful buildings, notable landscapes, and impressive people. From being the first city to ban texting while driving in the Mobile area to enacting public smoking bans, Daphne is a strong and proud city that we are beyond happy to be able to provide services for.
Fairhope is another one of the Baldwin County cities Southern Bay Landscaping is proud to service. Founded on the belief of establishing a model community of equal opportunity and reward for individual efforts, this incredible place is filled with beautiful buildings, nature reserves, and historical sites that we are delighted to be able to help with our talents and expertise in landscaping.

Orange Beach is the most famous and notable beach spot in all of Alabama, with condos and hotels offering direct access to the beautiful family vacation opportunities throughout the city. At Southern Bay Landscaping, we offer the best of the best services for such an attractive tourist destination. With so many different types of properties, it can be important to maintain a unique and lovely external area that appeals to the multitudes.
One of the most important historical cities in this region of Alabama, Foley is yet another city in Baldwin County that can receive impeccable service from Southern Bay Landscaping. We can help maintain the care of historic churches, schools, and the like without costing a huge amount of money. In addition, we are more than happy to give each citizen of Foley our wide range of services as well.

One of the most widely-recognized cities in Alabama, Gulf Shores is not outside of our service area. Southern Bay Landscaping is proud to provide perfect property upkeep as well as complete renovation for any home or commercial establishment in the region.