Retaining walls add both function and aesthetic value to your landscaping. Functionally, they prevent soil and rock slippage that might erode your landscaping. Aesthetically, they add visual texture to your yard which can be enhanced even more with the addition of plants. If you are considering a retaining wall for function, beauty, or both, Southern Bay Landscaping can build one that meets all your needs.

Building a retaining wall can be a huge endeavor for a homeowner. It includes clearing the area, digging a trench, adding gravel, and building the wall up with the desired materials. You will also need to consider city codes, drainage, suitable building materials, slopes, and stability. If done wrong, this do-it-yourself project can be costly, look shoddy, and consume valuable time.  Southern Bay Landscaping can take the hassle out of your need for a retaining wall and provide you with a structurally sound feature that not only adds function, but also beauty.


  • Prevents plants from washing away.
  • Minimizes property damage due to wind, sun, and rain.
  • Adds layers to landscaping.
  • Flattens unusable sloped areas, extending yard space.
  • Prevents soil erosion from clogging storm water sewers.
  • Provides terraces for raised flower beds and gardens.
  • Adds to home value.
  • Lowers yard maintenance time and expense.

The type of retaining wall you choose will depend on a number of factors. Southern Bay Landscaping considers the slope of your property, soil and drainage demands, accessibility, and natural features when helping you select the type and materials for your retaining wall.

When selecting the materials for your retaining wall, you are not limited to unsightly concrete blocks or a boring concrete wall. The many possible materials include brick, block, stone, steel, and wood. Increase the beauty of your retaining wall by adding foliage either on top or below.



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If you have a sloped area in your yard that would benefit from a retaining wall or if you want to enhance the look of your yard by adding terraces and layers, contact Southern Bay Landscaping and let us design a retaining wall for you.
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