Patios extend your home giving you an outdoor living space that encourages family gatherings and are a source of pleasure for years to come. Everyone loves cookouts, but have you considered some of the other uses for outdoor living space? You can enjoy Sunday morning breakfast with the family, have neighbors over for a game of corn hole, or enjoy an evening sunset in comfort. Do you paint or draw? Get the best light possible by working outside on your new patio.

Whether your vision is of large gatherings with outdoor cooking on the grill or small evening gatherings with the family around a fire pit, Southern Bay Landscaping can build your dream patio.

During our initial consultation, we will discuss your patio needs to determine the best size and features for you. Some things to consider include your lifestyle and entertaining needs. Southern Bay Landscaping can create a small outdoor dining area or a larger outdoor kitchen with a seating area, fireplace or fire pit, and water feature.

Patio materials to choose from:

  • Flagstone, commonly used in patios and walkways, is a flat stone slab. Its appeal is the variety of colors, shapes, and sizes to select from.
  • Pavers are man-made bricks that, when installed properly, won’t crack, break, or sag. Because of the variety and shape of pavers, not only can we create a patio that is durable, we can create one that is a piece of art.
  • Cement is a less expensive choice for patios and walkways. However, it can crack over time and is not the most aesteticly pleasing material.

Shade for Your Patio

Alabama summers can be both hot and wet. Nothing ruins an outdoor gathering worse than the blazing sun or a roaring downpour, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Patio coverings provide relief from the sun or temporary downpours so that you and your guest can stay dry all day long. There are several ways you can shade your patio from natural shading to a constructed covering. Some patio structures also make it possible to add a ceiling fan to ventilate your patio and discourage flies or a misting system to cool the air and provide relieve from the Alabama heat.

Types of Patio Coverings:

Shade trees:

The most natural way to cover your patio is with shade trees. By placing your patio under the coverage of an existing shade tree or planting fast growing shade trees that will provide shade in a few short years, we can create a natural source of protection from the sun. However, when choosing this type of shading, you should be mindful of the root system of the trees that surround your patio. Southern Bay Landscaping can pick a location or plant trees that won’t damage your patio foundation over time.


These trellis style coverings provide some shade, privacy, and structure to a patio area. Walls, if chosen, turn your outdoor patio into an outdoor room, provide a sense of privacy and at the same time allow you to view your outdoor surroundings, and encourage guests to use walkways. Need more shade? You can attach retractable or removable covering or add draped fabric for a dramatic look. Pergolas require maintenance, but by choosing the right materials, maintenance can be kept to a minimum.

Whether you need a small patio outside your dining room doors or a larger patio in the middle of the yard, call Southern Bay Landscaping and speak to one of our designers. We will visit your home, discuss your needs, and give you an estimate you can be happy with.