Fall clean-up service

What’s the best thing about fall in the South? Football! What’s the worst thing about fall in the South? Missing the football game because you had to rake leaves.  We all know better.  No one in the South is going to miss their favorite team play because they have to rake leaves.  The smart ones will call Southern Bay Landscaping for their fall clean-up needs so that they can enjoy the game and entertain knowing their guest will appreciate their well manicured lawn.

Removing leaves is a big part of our fall clean-up service, but we do much more than that.

  • Your trees have had all summer to grow, but with winter storms on the way, fall is the time to trim trees and remove unhealthy or dead branches so that you can avoid damage to your home and property.
  • Aerate to loosen the soil and allow for better water absorption to discourage standing water.
  • Fertilize to prepare your lawn for the dormant winter and encourage growth in the spring.
  • Protect cold-sensitive plants by adding mulch to the base of the plants.
  • Plant fall plants and bulbs. Remove dead leaves and branches from existing plants.
  • Give your lawn one last mow before the first frost. Unlike your typical summer mowing, this last mow cuts your lawn shorter to give the roots the oxygen it needs for the winter.
  • Prepare your irrigation system for winter. In the chance of a freeze, you will want to ensure your irrigation system is winterized to avoid bursting pipes. It is also a good time to adjust your automatic timer and check for and repair damaged sprinkler heads.
  • Till and mulch your garden and plant beds to protect them from the winter and prepare them for the spring.

Spring clean-up service

Unlike the fall where you put everything to bed, in the spring your landscape will reawaken and come back to life. Spring is a time for birth and renewal, and it needs a different type of clean-up.

Our spring clean-up service gets your yard ready for summer by,

  • Fertilizing and reseeding your lawn and plants to promote new growth and encourage a greener summer lawn.
  • Removing fallen branches, rocks, and other winter debris that may have landed in your yard during winter storms.
  • Trimming and removing winter damaged plants, shrubs, and tree branches.
  • Preparing flower beds for spring planting by removing and replacing mulch.
  • Appling a pre-emergent to kill future weed growth and a post-emergent for existing weeds.

Southern Bay Landscaping realizes that you may also have other yard clean-up needs. Are you selling your home and want to add curb appeal? Are you having a large get-together and want your yard to look its best?  Let us do the clean-up for you, so you can focus on other details of the event.

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