As the weather warms up, everyone has one thing on their minds – to take up their outdoor landscape design DIY. Creating an outstanding yard seems to be their agenda. However, most people, in their eagerness to out-do their friends or neighbors, make silly mistakes which might cost them dearly in the future.

So, here we give you some easy and effortless ways in which you can achieve your goal.

5 Things You Should Do For a Perfect Yard

Seeding and fertilizing are not the only things that make your yard different from other lawns. You need to focus on each element and look for ways to enhance the curb appeal.

Give It The Right Amount Of Water

The amount and frequency with which you should water differ from plant to plant. Ideally, lawns need 1″ of water every week, and in summers, keep them damp during the afternoons.

Moreover, you must only water during the early hours of the day to mid-morning. Grass grows in natural sunlight, which creates a lush green lawn. Make it easier on yourself and invest in a sprinkler system.

Install Mulch or Stone Beds Around The Outdoor Area

Opt for mulch rather than grass, as you can cut down the costs of mowing or watering it. It also fertilizes the plants, stops weeds from growing and gives out a pleasant aroma.

Another fine alternative to mulch is a bed of crushed stone. The great thing about stone is that you never have to replace it. Get personalized landscaping stones in a wide range of colors, that are in sync with the house.

Add Rows of Potted Plants and Perennials

Plant landscaping looks versatile with well-potted plants. These are movable, so you can play with the design of your yard. Have a color-burst and aroma filled yard by planting lavender. It is low maintenance, needs very little water and repels bugs.

Perennials are a great investment as you only have to buy them once. They come back every year and varieties like hens-and-chicks can thrive in rocky and challenging spaces. Also, try and pick native plants that grow well in your area.

Mow Your Lawn Properly to Enhance Your Yard

The lawn needs sunlight to grow and this will happen only if the sensitive roots are exposed. So, cutting the lawn too short is only going against your ambition. Also, keep changing the direction in which you mow; this promotes healthy growth.

To have a good lawn, you need to keep your lawn mower in a good condition and its blades sharp. Faulty blades leave jagged edges and result in the growth of plant viruses. A leaky lawn mower can kill the lawn and release toxins.

Choose The Proper Patio and Outdoor Elements

Outdoor cooking space or patio should have the proper appliances that last. Go for a barbecue area built-in with a stone facade on the front and a sturdy granite countertop to withstand the varying weather conditions.

Similarly, your deck can feature a fire-pit or a dining area, all the while being very low-maintenance.

What You Should Not Do

  • Don’t get confused among the maintenance, pay attention to what is on the instructions.
  • Don’t buy tropical plants if it rains a lot in your area. Consider your surroundings and the climate.
  • Don’t go overboard with your choices, do your research before you jump in.
  • Don’t neglect your budget considerations. Your yard must be functional too, not just look splendid.

Hire Southern Bay Landscaping to Create The Yard of Your Dreams

A great yard not only looks appealing but can also make you popular among your friends. But with time constraints, doing it by yourself might not be possible. If you are looking for help with landscaping, Southern Bay Landscaping is your best option. Drop a message to know about what we can offer or call us at (251) 379-6602 today!