“Home invasion”

It’s a scary word. It doesn’t just result in the loss of property but it can also leave a harrowing memoryfor the homeowner. A home invasion can make them feel violated and scared. This is why most homeowners take all precautions to make sure that their areas are safe.

How to make it safe

The initial steps are deadbolt installation and home security systems. But did you know you can also use your landscaping to make your home more secure? With the right design, you can intimidate intruders and keep them away.

Start with good visibility

Make sure your home is not blocked from sight. If it’s visible to the neighbors, the intruders will think twice before breaking into your home. It’s one of the basic practices of landscaping. While fancy designs might make the landscape look stylish, they can often result in the house hiding from view.

Keep a clean design concept and stay away from messy landscaping. Get a more secure and polished look with classic designs that doesn’t hide your house behind trees.

Minimize the hiding places

If there are overgrown bushes and shrubs near your windows or doors, they can be easy entry points for crooks. Keep the branches trimmed so they are unable to hide a grown person. Also, make sure your garages and sheds are locked at all times because these are the popular hiding places for burglars.

Get thorny plants

Planting thorny bushes under your windows will ensure that nobody gets too close for comfort. There are several plants that have spikes in their leaves. These plants will look good and will provide adequate protection as well. While alarms and motion sensors make sure nobody gets close to your house, these plants will also add to serve this purpose, becoming the second line of defense.

Use the right lighting

Since burglars are attracted towards unoccupied houses, it’s best to use lighting that can make the house look occupied even when it’s not. Solar lights can help you achieve that goal. You can also set up a timer for your lights when you leave home for the weekend.

With the right landscaping, you can keep your home secure from burglars. Keep in mind that the more steps you take to keep your home safe, the better it is. Make sure you contact an expert landscaper to get a safe and secure design for your home. Contact Southern Bay Landscaping experts for the best and the most secure landscaping designs.