If you live in Alabama and love gardening, you might have encountered a few problems every now and then. Let’s discuss some of the most common soil problems in Alabama and how to rectify them.


Sandier soils create more problems with compaction. If you live in Tennessee Valley or in the Black Belt, the soils in your area would be high in silt and thus not cause compaction issues. Compaction makes it difficult for plants to push their roots through the soil. Also, it will be difficult for the excess water to seep away. To break the compaction, use a fork and make sure you add grit to it.


Poor drainage can cause water logging and create issues for gardeners. Plants will easily drown if their roots are always wet. This is a problem mainly affecting soils with high clay content. This problem can be resolved by deep digging and forking. This will break the subsoil and increase drainage. You can also add some drainage holes in the soil and add some organic matter to help worms create natural water passages.


While waterlogging can kill plants, dryness can also be harmful to them. Soil under large trees can especially be dry because trees draw the water from the ground. Sandy soils can be dry. You can add organic matter to it as it will store nutrients and water in it.

Extra clay

If the soil is extra clayey, it can be difficult to work with. This can be improved with a generous application of coarse grit and organic material. There are different types of organic materials that can fix heavy clay, such as leaf mold and well-rotted manure.

Clayey soil is also easily prone to compaction. Add a generous layer of the organic material and mix it well with the soil. Take care while watering your plants after adding organic material.

Acidic soil

If the soil is acidic in nature, it will kill off most plants. While some plants survive in acidic soil, most don’t. There are soil testing kits available in the market that will help you determine the pH balance of the soil. Soil pH of 7 to 7.5 is considered neutral. Lower than this is considered acidic and higher than this is considered alkaline. To correct the acidity in the soil, add some lime to it. This will also add minerals and nutrients in the soil.

Taking care of your soil is pretty easy if you know your soil. And if you’re not an expert, you can always call the professionals. We provide specialized landscaping and draining services for your home. Cold wet winters can make your soil unworkable. Make sure you contact the pros at the right time.