How to Recognize and Address Drainage Issues in Your Yard

Lawns everywhere need at least a little bit of tender loving care. They require time and investment from home owners. Without it, they could be left to fall into a state of total ruined. When considering and implementing effective maintenance of the lawn, you’re keeping it safe from disease and extensive damage. All plants and grass need attention and proper care. The drainage system of the lawn should be occasionally examined to see if its properly functioning. Whenever you encounter a situation where you feel like it’s not working well enough, there are always measures you can take to get it back in working order. If you find that water stays on your lawn for hours and hours after rainfall, then something needs to be done about your drainage system.

Problems caused by drainage issues:

There are many issues which occur when water lingers on your lawn for too long.

  • If the water stays on the grass and plants for hours or days, then it could block the sufficient amount of oxygen required by the roots. This could cause them to experience issues with rot in their individual roots. It may even lead to moss developing and taking over the grass and plants. The beauty of your plants, grass and entire lawn could be ruined as a result.
  • On a more basic level, with excess water on your lawn you suddenly have the issue of not being able to walk on it. One of the primary functions and joys of having a lawn is to take it in and feel healthy grass under foot. If water stays on the lawn, you risk not only soggy feet and shoes, but potentially damage to your home. As water lingers and pools in your lawn, it could also seep into the walls of your house. As a result, the walls could sustain significant damaged, wear down, or even crack apart.

Solutions for drainage issues:

The solutions vary from simple to complex ones, and they depend on the individual situation at hand.

  • While it seems a natural response, don’t go straight into trying to dig yourself out of it. While this can be an effective way to tackle the issue, it is also can be very difficult and time consuming to do on your own. Hold back initially and evaluate the whole situation with care.
  • If you face drainage issue mostly due to rain, then start with a simple plan. Try and layout the landscape of the garden or lawn into something where the water flows to a specific point. This can allow for natural drainage to take care of any issues you have.
  • In case you have to drain out the water out in the street or somewhere, it is highly recommended that you call the city administration first to know all about the regulations to avoid future issues. Failure to comply could result in punitive fines or reprimand from local government or law enforcement.
  • Sometimes, when you have exhausted all other options, you realize that the solution is not a simple one. That’s the time that you should call a good lawn care company. They will take a look at your lawn and individual need and come up with a plan that’s right for you.

These are just a few solutions to try and offer your lawn some quality home care. However, it is important to remember that if you are having a more complex drainage issue, you are always better off calling your local Spanish Fort landscaping company to handle the issue.