Are you sick and tired of losing your plants and landscaping to tough weather conditions? If yes, then you have found the solution here. If you’ve done have done everything including fumigating your surroundings, constant wetting and fertilizing but your plants kept falling during southern summer, then you’ve got to change your plan. According to Albert Einstein, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” You’ve got to think of tackling the issue with plants that will withstand intense southern summer.

You know, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going… so also is your landscaping. You’ll need to get it packed with plants which are suitable for all tough weather conditions. Be it in the summer or in the winter, these plants should be able to survive with little efforts required on the part of the gardener. The following are tough 5 plants that will withstand intense southern summer.

1. Moss Rose Plants

Otherwise known as ‘Portulaca Grandiflora’, Moss Rose is one of the plants that anyone having troubles with southern summer will have to grow this plant in the affected garden. Moss Rose does not require so much mention to germinate under harsh weather like southern summer.

2. Grandiflora Petunias

If there are any plants that will do well during southern summer then grandiflora petunias is one of the first five ranking. This plant has the capacity to withstand the intense of the southern summer because of their propagation. Once the plant is planted with the use of its seeds in a garden that cannot be easily flooded during rainy season, grandiflora will grow to defy the stress that kills other plants during southern summer.

3. Elegant Zinnia

Otherwise known as ‘Zinnia Elegans’- this plant will add astonishing color to your garden once planted. Elegant Zinnia is such a plant that can be renamed giant-pretty plant. It can be cultivated without investing so much time. It is a one of a kind plant that will withstand the intense of the southern summer coupled with an ornamental-outstanding result!

4. Lantana Plant

Lantana plan is not just a kind of plant suitable for the southern summer but an illuminating plant. Lantana shines off once cultivated and does not take so much time before growing and glowing. As a matter of fact, lantana can only grow stronger and better with all its features including brilliant colors and nice smell during the intense of southern summer.

5. Lanceolata Pentas Plant

If you are thinking which plant could share complimentary features with Lantana plant then here you have the pentas. This plant grows up to 8 fee and about 3 feet wide. It enjoys the intense of the summer heat. It grows in variety if colors and provide the needed ground cover for your garden, indeed; pentas lanceolata is a good fit when thinking of a plant that will withstand the intense of the southern summer in your garden.

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